Thinking about Serial Experiments Lain

Layer 01: Weird


Teen Suicide

In this episode, two young girls commit suicide. What clues do you have for their motivations? What are some real life motivations of teenagers who attempt or commit suicide? What is your own experience with this topic?

Death and Afterlife

Chisa says that she is not dead, but that she has only left her body. What does she mean by this? She also says that God is where she is. What are your own beliefs about death and the hereafter? How are they similar to or different from others' beliefs? How is Chisa's statement in accord with or in opposition to your own beliefs or the beliefs of others?


Lain sees things and experiences things that other people clearly do not see or experience. Is she seeing something real or imagined? What clues do Lain's visions reveal about her or about the world in which she lives? What significance or meanings do visions or hallucinations hold in other cultures? With what things or ideas do you associate visions and hallucinations?


Here are some recurring images and ideas in "Serial Experiments Lain." What themes do you think they represent?


Bearsuit/bear slippers/teddybears

Mist, haze, smoke, cloudiness



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